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My Aroma is Hiring! Looking for individuals that have a passion for helping others and pushing the agenda to provide as much access to medical cannabis as possible! 

Cannabis has been used for many things historically and is a medicine and aid for the people FIRST , and we want to make sure that the world is educated on the plant and news in the industry. 

We have a deep appreciation for companies around the world that contribute to the research on medical cannabis and also a deep appreciation for companies that provide as much access to medical cannabis and information on medical cannabis without placing barriers in anyway to any human being that can benefit from Medical Cannabis , Recreational Cannabis and the Cannabis industry as a whole.

DECRIMINALIZATION and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY is another top priority here at Aroma . The Aroma is a minority owned company and we want to make sure that minorities have a fair shot in the cannabis industry expecially minorities that have been heavily impacted by the failed war on drugs , it is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone has a shot at developing a successful career path in the industry on a major level. 

Feel free to browse these topics , sign petitions and more on the Aroma platform at anytime.

Simply fill out the form listed and the Aroma team will reach out to any applicants as positions become available. 

if you need assistance with resources or have questions about the Cannabis industry , Available Positions , Upcoming Events etc , Feel Free to Call The Aroma Toll Free Number or Email us.

The Aroma 

"Pushing EVERYONE forward with the Cannabis industry"

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